Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Angel Food Ministries

I thought I would write and let everyone know that I have been ordering food every month from the Angel Food Ministries. It costs $30 for the basic packages and they usually have other available boxes ranging from $16 to $20. They are either grill boxes, or chicken or this month they even offered a fresh fruit and vegetable box. They come with a variety of food in them. Last month I was able to provide all the meat for my family except for fish and shrimp for $70 for the whole month. This month I paid $86 as I ordered the fresh fruit and vegetable box as well for an exta $16. I am excited about it, as we are able to eat steaks and ribs which we ordinarily would never be able to afford to eat.

this months menu was:
40oz. marie callenders family crock pot dinner(meat included)
1.5lb boneless pork filet
5lb breaded chicken chunks
1.5lb meaty beef ribs
28oz meatloaf and gravy
1lb beef fajitas
1lb fully cooked meatballs
1lb all meat hot dogs
1lb broccoli
1lb peas and carrots
28oz pasta sauce
1lb pasta
32oz borden 2%red.fat shelf stable milk
32oz hawaiian punch
12ct. corn tortillas
7oz blueberry muffin mix
1 dozen eggs
1 dessert item
all for $30.oo, with the purchase of this you may also purchase
July Special #1-1.5lb new york strip steaks(2x12oz), 2.5lb boneless netted boston butt roast, 2lb meaty beef ribs, 1lb mild italian sausage $20.00
July Special #2-1.5lb kansas city strips(2x12oz), 1.5lb ribeyes(2x12oz), 1.5lb bacon wrapped chicken filet(4x6oz) $20.00
July Special #3-10lb breaded chicken tenders $18.00
July Special #4-6 ears corn, 2lb carrots, 2lb yellow onions, 1 cello wrapped lettuce, 1 pineapple, 1lb strawberries, 1 seedless watermelon, 6 russet potatoes $16.00
They are even approved by the government to accept link cards!!


Heather B said...

My friend Amy does this too I think. It seems like a really great idea. More for the money, can't go wrong with that!