Friday, August 1, 2008

Menu for Saturday Aug. 2 thru Friday Aug. 8

Su-Biscuits n gravy
M-breakfast scramble
T-French Toast

Sa-Pizza Snacks
Su-Chicken Tenders w/fries
M-Tatertot Casserole
T-Veggie Soup w/grilled cheese
T-Bologna & Chips
F-Fzn. Pizzas

Sa-Brats n chips
Su-Beef Roast w/ potatoes, peas & carrots
M-Meatloaf n gravy, mashed taters & corn
T-Boneless Pork filets w/ mac n cheese
W-Bacon wrapped chicken fillets w/ broccoli & mushroom rice
T-Steaks & baked potatoes
F-Rosemary Chicken w/ roasted potatoes

My Taco Popcorn Snack

1 bag 94% fat free microwave popcorn popped
1/2 pkg taco seasoning
2T parmesan cheese
spray butter

I spray a little spray butter on the popcorn then sprinkle with parmesan cheese and taco seasoning give it a shake and enjoy. It is a quick easy different snack for me. Me and the kids love it!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Weight Loss Journey Week 3

Okay, I did not do well on the weight loss this week at all! I am not making excuses for myself, I just didn't do well, I exercised regularly and I ate right that is until Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We went to holiday world this past weekend. Rather than fix supper friday night while we were packing and such we had pizza and breadsticks, need I say BAD, I did fairly well while we were gone over the weekend, but Monday night we weren't even close to ready to go back to normal so we had leftover pizza and breadsticks again. So my weight loss this week was horrid, I actually gained. I have now gained back and have only a total loss of 2.4lbs. Measurements Waist -1inch, Thigh -1 1/4inch, Upper Arm -1/4inch, Bust -1 3/4inch and lastly apparantly I did not measure my Hips properly or my husband measured a different area this week than I did last week because they grew +1 1/4inch which isn't likely compared to the other losses.

Hopefully I will do significantly better this week. I never said it was gonna be easy!! I just wish it came off as easy as it goes on!!