Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Weight Loss Journey

Okay, this morning I was telling my one of my best friends about my weight loss this week. She informed me that I should share my journey and maybe it would inspire others.
I initially decided to challenge myself with losing two dress sizes for my sister in law Kendra's wedding on August 30. My four year old son asked "Mommy why is your belly fat?" That comment may come off rude for some folks, but I answered his question with well mommy had two children and that made her belly get bigger. After thinking about it I was a little upset at the thought that my child thinks mommy is fat. I started out easily just watching what I was eating. I have done weight watchers a few times and quit, so my Hubby just thinks well whatever she is starting okay big deal she is just gonna quit again like she always does. Maybe this is mean of him, but the stubborness in me is fueled by this reaction from him. Last week I thought well, how can I really boost my weight loss other than just eating less. So I started going to my friend Trena's to walk on her treadmill. I quickly realized that having to load up two kids and drive 5 miles to her house would be an easy excuse for me to be lazy still and not go, so I started shopping around for a treadmill of my own. I quickly was discouraged because the starting price for a new treadmill is $250 and up. Then I thought why not try calling some resale stores and seeing if they have one and I found one for $49.95. It may not be the most beautiful thing in the world, but it is fully functional and it does the job just fine. So instead of just going to my friends every other day I can walk at home everyday which is much more convenient. So far I have walked a mile 6/7 days that I have had the treadmill and this week I have lost 6.6lbs!!!! For those who want to know what are you eating well, I am following weight watchers flex plan at home. I won't give you my points range because that would give away part of my weight, lol. I will tell you that to "kickstart" my weight loss I have been eating about 5 points less than my points for the day. I don't know if weight watchers recommends it or not and I really don't care. I just know that it is working for me. I don't starve myself I know that the points can be used if I need them and on a few days I do need them. I have been trying not to sit in front of the t.v. or the computer too long, then I just think about eating. I have been completing a few things that need to be done around here one at a time and keeping my house clean by chasing my kids around picking up after them, just keeping myself busy in general is keeping me from snacking all day. I also have been trying to keep myself from getting "hungry", by drinking alot of water and coffee. Once that "hungry" feeling creeps up on me I'm tempted to binge and end up overeating so keeping it at bay is helping me tremendously. I hope someone else is inspired by my attempt to make myself feel better and make my son feel better and proud of his mommy. I'll keep posting about my progress!!!


Heather B said...

I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work. Maybe you will inspire the rest of us to shut off the tv and get off the couch! lol!